Your Most Frequently Asked Questions about Banners Answered

If you’ve made up your mind and decided to get a pull up or roll up banner (or two, or three), then congratulations are in order as you have indeed made a wonderful decision – the advantages of the banner are many, and the benefits of employing one speak to the financial, economical, marketing, and advertising senses. There truly are many advantages. However, it’s important that you choose the right one for your needs, and that you design it so that it has maximum impact on your target demographic. This requires planning and thought. If you’re wondering how to choose the right roller banner for your needs, or have concerns about using them, then this one’s for you: here are your most frequently asked questions about banners answered.

Pull up or pop up banner?

Though the purpose of the two is essentially the same, there are two main differences between the pull up and the pop up banner. Pull ups are assembled quickly by pulling the banner up and into place, whilst pop ups take a little more time to assemble as they tend to be larger. Pull ups are generally cheaper whilst pop up banners tend to be more durable.


Indoors or outdoors?

It’s certainly possible to use both pull up banners and pop ups outdoors, although it’s not recommended. The problem you have outdoors is that they are exposed to the elements – and wind, especially, could damage the banner. So can over-exposure to sunlight. It’s recommended to use them indoors, unless the banners are especially designed for durability and stability.


Pull up banners can be assembled in a matter of seconds – it’s that easy. Pop up banners take a little longer but are still incredibly convenient and easy to set up.

Materials and durability

Most banners are made of PVC, with a high quality print on them. This makes them very durable – if, of course, they are used according to prescription and they are not constantly abused. The cheaper the materials, the less quality you should expect.


There are different sizes, so your design should first of all be adjusted to the size. Avoid many colours (stick to three or four at most). You can also opt for double sided pull up banners with images and text on each side for twice the effectiveness.

You need to think the project through. Yes, banners are absolutely a great choice and they are guaranteed to bring you great results over time – but you need to understand that a banner is a tool, and only as good as the one who uses it. The banner is meant to advertise your brand or product to a wide range of people, attract attention, and encourage the potential customer to investigate further. This makes it a unique tool. Design it well, and make sure you have the right people to engage the customer once they are curious.

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