Why Should My Business Use Loyalty Cards?

Why Should My Business Use Loyalty Cards?

Loyalty programs may seem like treacherous ground for your business. However, they are fantastic routes to create repeat business consistently. What otherwise may have been a one-time purchase can easily turn into a long-term business relationship. Here are some tips to elevate your business to include more rewards at minimal cost on your end.

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Value of the Card, and Expected Return

Cards are virtually painless to create, with very minimal financial investment on your end. In turn, there are a ton of inherent benefits to using loyalty cards to grow your business.

What Rewards Should I Offer?

Specializing offers can be attached to the rewards program in a variety of ways. The most popular routes include:

Email marketing: having offers tied to the emails of loyalty card holders. When viewing those offers through email, they are rewarded with a percentage discount either through in-store purchases or online.

Holiday/Event Related Offers: whether the offer is related to your company or just a general event, you can easily offer something tied to merchandise or services during the holiday season. Remember to always put an expiration date to elevate your sense of urgency.

Purchase points: this is a …

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The Benefits of A Cowork Workspace

The Benefits of A Cowork Workspace

The concept of cowork workspaces for small business owners has not been around for long. However, it’s gaining popularity and becoming one of the most sought-after services. From increased productivity to saving the buck, these spaces help businesses in different ways. 

Here are a few benefits of using a coworking space franchise for your business.  

Increased Productivity

Sometimes, all a worker needs is a different space to make them more productive. Being in the same office all week long can be monotonous, and create a non-productive environment for your workers. On the other hand, working from home comes with its share of distractions that work against your employees’ productivity. 

However, a coworking space franchise offers your employees a fresh space to work. The new environment with the right ambiance will sharpen their productivity. Whether they’re working alone or in teams, your employees will appreciate the new work-oriented environment. 

Save on Costs

By using a cowork workspace for your business, you’ll be saving on costs. For instance, if you were to get each employee an office, it would cost you a lot of money. However, with a coworking space franchise giving your employees a space to work in, you’ll only incur …

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The Benefits of Warehouse Automation Solutions to Your Small Business

The Benefits of Warehouse Automation Solutions to Your Small Business

Any business that embraces automation creates an avenue to achieve its objectives. As a small business, making your warehouse operational and ready to handle any customers’ demand is crucial. This is possible by embracing warehouse automation solutions. This guide explains the benefits of warehouse automation solutions for your small business.

Increased Efficiency

It is easier for small businesses to increase operational efficiency and address the different needs in the market by embracing warehouse automation solutions. A smart warehouse is easy to operate, and workers find it possible to exercise their expertise and increase productivity.

Improved Safety

Handling heavy pallets and racking them up can prove risky for your workers. You need a safe environment for everyone to meet your business expectations. You get an avenue to improve your business safety through warehouse automation solutions. A smart warehouse is safe and makes working easier.

Makes It Easy to Scale Up

Every business deserves to scale up after operating for a while. It can, however, be hard with limited automation in your warehouse. It is easy for any business to scale up, expand its operations, and increase productivity through warehouse automation solutions. You can manage high input and output, meet …

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