Why Should My Business Use Loyalty Cards?

Why Should My Business Use Loyalty Cards?

Loyalty programs may seem like treacherous ground for your business. However, they are fantastic routes to create repeat business consistently. What otherwise may have been a one-time purchase can easily turn into a long-term business relationship. Here are some tips to elevate your business to include more rewards at minimal cost on your end.

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Value of the Card, and Expected Return

Cards are virtually painless to create, with very minimal financial investment on your end. In turn, there are a ton of inherent benefits to using loyalty cards to grow your business.

What Rewards Should I Offer?

Specializing offers can be attached to the rewards program in a variety of ways. The most popular routes include:

Email marketing: having offers tied to the emails of loyalty card holders. When viewing those offers through email, they are rewarded with a percentage discount either through in-store purchases or online.

Holiday/Event Related Offers: whether the offer is related to your company or just a general event, you can easily offer something tied to merchandise or services during the holiday season. Remember to always put an expiration date to elevate your sense of urgency.

Purchase points: this is a simple one that almost every brand uses. Purchase points accumulate through use in the store either online or in-person, which gives you an opportunity for incentivizing more purchases.

Special reward: as a loyalty card holder, your customers enter into some kind of sweepstakes. This can be weekly, monthly, or in another time frame. Attaching awareness to these sweepstakes also gives you a bit more brand awareness.

Loyalty Cards Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is crucial when you are trying to grow your business. Luckily, loyalty cards work as a constant form of marketing for your services or products. Ensure that you take the time to find a graphic design that is eyecatching and sleek for the card itself.

Additionally, if you are sporting a new logo design for the business, keeping brand recognition across all platforms is crucial. This goes for all the email updates about your loyalty programs and what the card can do to elevate your business.

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