All You Need To Know About Waterproof Outdoor Enclosure!

All You Need To Know About Waterproof Outdoor Enclosure!

Electronic equipment is not always inside or indoors. There are times that some installation and equipment need to be installed outside to provide bigger use and function. While necessary, such items can be worn off and broken down due to the weather or water. It is when you need to use a waterproof outdoor enclosure made with an electronic equipment shell.  

What is the electronic equipment shell industry?

Before going straight to the product, let’s talk about the electronic equipment shell industry. It is one of the markets where you can find variable products that help take care of and protect electronic equipment. It is called a shell, but some also call it an outdoor enclosure, box, or case. The product can vary based on the need and the function. 

But what is exactly the product, and why do you need it? As the name says, equipment shell and protection are meant to be an enclosure for the internal electronic or electrical component. It has many functions under certain environmental conditions, such as waterproofing or weatherproofing. The design, dimension, model, and material can vary as well. 

Some waterproof outdoor enclosure is meant to increase the durability of the electrical devices inside. However, the box and the cases also need a well-made design and material. The best product and enclosure need to be specifically designed to meet IP requirements, PCB installation basics, various IP ratings, uses, and IP ratings. 

Protecting Internal Electrical And Electronic Component 

The general function of the product is to protect and waterproof the electronic enclosure. It can have different materials, including aluminum, steel, plastic, and many more. The key to the product is how to make the sealed enclosure have a watertight gasket, which is important for electronic gear durability under wet conditions. 

While indeed the product is outdoor, there is also some waterproof and watertight box that means to be used indoors. The function is the same and similar to the waterproof outdoor enclosure. Considering the vital application, these box cases are standard amenities for differing industries, including marine, oil & gas, agriculture, energy, or F&B. 

PCB Installation And Corrosion Prevention  

A watertight case is vital for electronic items and components for many reasons. One of them is to prevent PCB corrosion when moisture or liquid make contact with electrical connections and devices. This corrosion is known as a galvanic electrochemical mechanism. Meanwhile, the second issue is known as electrolytic corrosion. 

It is an issue where corrosion happens when the neighboring PCB installation was contaminated by an ionic liquid or electrolytic solution. The situation happens with a small sliver of corrosion, which later affects other PCBs and other exposed metals. The contaminant can vary from metal oxides, water, to hydroxides. 

About IP68 Waterproof Outdoor Box 

What is the ideal product you need to use? Yongu offers varying waterproof outdoor boxes, including the new and modern model, case 4u. It follows 30 different aluminum water and weatherproof standards. It also has varying designs, models, prices, and applications that customers can pick according to their needs. 

The importance of electronic equipment is in line with proper maintenance. In this case, one of the vital products to maintain the gear is water and weatherproof cases or shell. It came in many designs and usability, such as what you found in Yongu. For more information on the product and the best deal, check the official store at