10 Tips for Choosing a Moving Service

10 Tips for Choosing a Moving Service

After knowing some of the factors that need to be considered, the following are detailed tips that can help you choose a house moving service

1. Reference and background of moving service companies

This is done to avoid unwanted things such as fraud or damage to goods.

You need to check several companies that have house moving services for consideration.

You can search for various house moving services via Google Search or from friends around you who have used house moving services. This is useful so that you know the advantages of each house moving service.

In addition, you can also find out the location of the house moving service. Because usually, house moving services are only available in a few locations, so make sure you choose the closest house moving service to your location, for more information: long distance moving company in San Jose

2. Find out as many testimonials as possible

Testimonials or online reviews are the best way to find out how good a house moving service is. If your friend or one of your family members has moved to a new room with the help of a house moving service, then you can ask them for recommendations.

If the source doesn’t exist, then you can look for testimonials on the internet and look for reviews posted on trusted websites like Google or Youtube.

Reading testimonials is the only way to see unbiased and customer satisfaction reviews.

3. Compare prices and facilities from various moving service providers

Based on the reference, you can compare the prices of each house moving service. This is necessary to save your budget and to find out what services you get at that price.

The price of house moving services usually depends on how far your destination is and how heavy your freight is. Therefore you need to choose the right vehicle to transport your goods.

Before choosing a house moving service, it’s a good idea to consult with the house moving service company.

Some of the questions that you can check with the moving house company first include:

    Vehicles that match the number and number of items you move

    Are there any additional fees?

    Is there insurance?

    Is there any packing or storage service?

    How does the company handle complaints and claims?

That way you can determine the cost of your house moving service appropriately and the benefits you get are also according to your needs.

4. Make a price quote

There is nothing wrong if you asking for a price quote if it is felt that the price of the services provided exceeds the budget.

However, some house moving services already have a fixed price that has been set when you place an order.

If this is the case, you can find out about the promos offered by these services. Even if the discount given is not to your liking, it can at least reduce the costs you have to spend.

You can look for it on the social media page of the service you choose or ask for their customer service directly.

Many services provide promo prices on certain dates, so try to find out more about the ins and outs of the service you choose.

5. Prepare a list of goods to be transported

Before using a house moving service, you should record what items the moving service wants to transport and which ones are transported personally.

This is to avoid the occurrence of loss of goods and can save your budget. In addition to saving, the process of moving the house is also more organized.

6. Pay attention to your transportation service workforce

During the process of moving goods, you must pay attention to the workforce when moving goods to maintain the condition of your goods and ensure that they are not damaged when moving. Because you know what items are right to be transported and which ones can be taken using a private vehicle.

In addition, you can also guide your house moving service workers to make it easier for them to reach your destination, this can save time too.

7. Packing goods a few days before

packing goods when moving house is the most difficult part of the house moving process because it requires a lot of time and effort. You can ask your relatives or family for help to do the packing of the goods.

The process of packing goods should also be done long ago because sometimes there are unexpected items to be brought to your destination.

Besides that, you also have more time it takes a long time to sort out what items to take or leave until they are sold.

8. Don’t make sudden orders

In addition to packing goods from the previous few days, you also need to prepare time in advance before ordering house moving services.

Each service provides a different estimated time of arrival. Usually, it takes at least 2 hours to hire a freight forwarder after ordering.

If you are reluctant to wait a long time for your fleet to arrive, order a house moving service in advance. In addition to saving time, you can also prepare your house carefully.

9. Provide a clear description of the goods

So that you choose the right fleet for your house move, you should provide a clear description of the goods.

You can ask your house moving service which fleet is the right one. Usually, freight forwarders will ask for the size and number of goods to be transported or you can find information about the size of each fleet on their website.

10. Insurance

Insurance is very necessary, especially for those of you who carry out the process of transporting goods. It’s not enough just to supervise the officers while transporting your goods. You still have to consider what will happen if something bad happens during the delivery process.

Instead of you experiencing unwanted things, it would be better if you use insurance for the security of your goods.