How Air Purifier Manufacturer works its advantages and disadvantages

How Air Purifier Manufacturer works its advantages and disadvantages

How portable ac works! It is undeniable that there are a number of people who say that portable Air Purifier with the best technology. In fact, even though it is considered the best, this Air Purifier are does not only require very high electrical power.

How Air Purifier Manufacturer works its advantages and disadvantages

In fact, portable Air Purifier only require relatively small electrical power and have a smaller design than conventional Air Purifier.

In general, the working system of the portable type ac is quite simple and does not require a lot of electrical components. However, the power and wind gusts produced are very strong and of high quality. The workings of the ac are as follows:

How portable ac works

First of all, you need to provide ac refrigerant. For example, cold water or ice that has been frozen for at least 4 hours before use.

Then, add the water or ice according to the amount needed

After that plug the portable ac cable into electricity and turn it on for about 15 minutes.

The thing to note is to make sure that when performing these steps you have closed the door. That’s because hot air from outside will only be able to hinder the performance of this Air Purifier.

The next step is the air in the room will be sucked through the back of the fan. The air will also come into contact with cold water or ice.

At that time, the hot air will absorb the water particles. The amount of water absorbed depends on the humidity of the air.

Until there, the evaporation process will occur to optimize the cooling of the air. The water molecule will change into a gaseous form so that energy exchange occurs. It also causes the temperature in the air will begin to decrease and turn cooler.

The process on the portable Air Purifier will continue to repeat until the room temperature is in accordance with the predetermined temperature level. The thing that usually becomes a question is the use of freon in this Air Purifier.

In this regard, keep in mind that this type of Air Purifier Manufacturer does not use freon. This is because the cold air produced does not come from freon as is common in conventional Air Purifier. The cold air in this Air Purifier comes from water fuels such as cold water and ice cubes that are inserted into the storage tank located behind this Air Purifier.

In the end, it is from cold water and ice cubes that the evaporation process can occur. Although the air is not as cold as conventional Air Purifier, portable Air Purifier can also provide a cool sensation in the room effectively. This is what makes this Air Purifier more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Thanks to this, global warming can be minimized.

Disadvantages of portable ac

However, behind all these advantages, of course, this ac still has a number of disadvantages. For example, this type of portable AIR PURIFIER requires a special area for dissipating hot air so that cold air in the room can be maintained.

The following are some of the disadvantages of portable Air Purifier that you need to consider.

1. Make sound

The weakness of portable Air Purifier that users often complain about is the sound that is quite loud and noisy. This is generally due to portable ac compressors that are integrated or built-in with other compartments.

2. High risk of damage

Because in its use it can often be moved around, then portable ac can be prone to damage. As it is known that portable goods are damaged more often than permanent goods.

3. Wasteful of electricity consumption

Anyone who wants to use a portable Air Purifier must also be prepared for an increase in their monthly electricity bill. The reason is, the consumption of portable ac power tends to be higher, especially when it is first turned on.

4. Portable Air Purifier also require a hot air exhaust area to keep the indoor cool.

So it’s the same as the outside unit framework on ordinary climate control systems. Indeed, exactly in portable Air Purifier, the outdoor unit system is alloted to parts like ventilation (vents) behind the body. These vents release hot air during air exchange. If the wrong placement, hot air and cold air might mix.

5. You must place the portable ac in the correct position.

The back of this Air Purifier should face the air duct. The goal is that the hot air that has been taken can be directly removed through the channel. If not, it is not impossible that hot air will mix with cold air constantly.

In fact, the use of portable Air Purifier can reach at least 300 watts during operation. That’s the understanding and disadvantages of portable ac.