3 Causes of House Fires

3 Causes of House Fires

House fires can be devastating to your property, especially if nobody is home during the fire to attempt to put the fire out or call the fire department for assistance. However, being aware of some of the common causes of house fires can help you prevent this event from occurring in the first place. Here are three common causes of house fires. 

1. Cooking

A large number of house fires begin in the kitchen. Cooking can cause an ignition in a number of ways, including from:

  • Highly flammable grease or oil getting too hot and catching on fire 
  • Food left unattended and burned in the oven or on the stove 
  • Flammable ingredients being placed near an open flame
  • Neglecting to turn off the stove or oven when done cooking

Setting a timer for cooking food and making sure that food is not left unattended for long periods of time while cooking can help prevent fires from starting in the kitchen. 

2. Candles

Candles left unattended are another common cause of house fires. If you burn a candle, make sure to keep it in an open area away from flammable materials such as bedsheets and curtains. Also, make sure any lit candles are out of the reach of pets and children. Installation of fire code California equipment can be helpful in case a candle is accidentally knocked over and causes something to catch on fire. 

3. Bad Wiring

Old, worn, or faulty wiring can also spark a fire in the home. Check your wiring for any signs of wear and tear, and fix them promptly if these signs are spotted. Make sure to examine wires if you have experienced a rodent infestation in the house as these creatures tend to chew on all sorts of items, including wires. 

Be aware of these three causes of house fires.