A Fast Way to Get Help with Serious Software Problems

We use software for our accounting needs for our small business. I never really needed technical support before. If I had a question, I would just look at the company’s website or do a search online for answers to routine issues. When I had a serious issue, I could not find an answer. There were all kinds of so-called fixes, but I was not about to attempt any of them for fear of losing a year’s worth of data we needed for tax and payroll and more. I found a Quickbooks help number that is staffed by Intuit certified technicians, and I got the answer from them. They just walked me through the fix.

I thought this was a really neat way for a company to provide customer service. It costs a fortune for companies to provide customer service. It is why most companies have an expiration date of how long they will provide free customer service for a product. You must realize that if they made it indefinite on every software product, it would probably raise the prices of those products to the point they could not compete in the market. A competitor with a lower level of customer service would make more sales simply because people want to pay a lower price now.

The system of another company having certified technicians to troubleshoot software is really cool. You can get the answers you need at an affordable rate. Paying a little bit to get a quick and accurate answer is a whole lot better than that trial and error method of trying solutions you find on the Internet. We were not going to attempt any of those, because we could have lost the data we were so desperately in need of recovering. It keeps product prices affordable, yet lets you get the help you need if you need it.