Great Business Ideas for Fashion Fanatics

As a fashion fanatic, you may have a salable concept – even something like the I go both ways shirt. There are, however, great business ideas that can help promote your brand and make you more notable in the industry. Many people conjure up the image of a fashion model or established designer when it comes to success. A great deal of individuals succeed in fashion off the runway, with their own startup business ideas.

Rather than be on display during a fashion show, why not be the creator of it? There are many fashion events, large and small. You could even help out the designer with casting and promotion. It’s not even necessary to have an office; you can start up with a website and some business cards. Your online portfolio can say it all, and then the networking process can start.

Express Your Passion in Writing

Fashion blogging has become a popular and influential business. Even a small fashion blog can develop a following, and sell advertising along the way. It doesn’t cost much for website hosting and development, and you can add your photos of fashion in the city streets and what leading designers are up to. Plus, you can manage the blog while looking for work, or even use its content to promote yourself to potential employers.


Be a Business Coach

If you have some corporate experience, you can use your expertise to coach people in the fashion business. The aspects of running a business are the same as elsewhere. You can teach others how to establish a plan, maintain the books, or collect invoices. Fashion coaching doesn’t cost much in terms of starting up, but you can earn quite a bit by being a business coach.

Start a Fashion PR Business

If you’re good at talking and up on the latest fashion news, getting established in public relations is a good idea. Although not easy to break into, fashion public relations is accessible if you have the right skills and connections. Other fashion businesses, and designers, can look to you to get noticed. Since fashion requires media attention, your clients will be eager to work together if you are competent.

Whether you are in media or a business expert, you want to show an understanding in the given field. If the value of your services can be proven, then the essence of your brand can be communicated. It takes some experience to learn how to connect with professionals in the fashion industry. Once you do, a valuable brand can give you an edge.

You could also be useful as a photo stylist, choosing shoot locations, obtaining clothing for photo shoots, and setting up scenes. That can be lucrative as well. Wherever your passions and talents lie, there is a place in the fashion industry if you can prove yourself and connect.