Megabite: The Premier Defense Equipment Supplier

The Armed Forces of the United States use the high class defense equipment in the world. All of the equipment is not only of high standard quality but are also unique and consist of the advanced technology.

Megabite Electronics Inc. has been considered as one of the premier defense equipment supplier owing to their quality assurance procedures a customer-first mentality. The company has been first established in the year 1979 and thus for more than a decade it has been consistently serving the Armed Forces of the United States.

Based in Brooklyn, New York the company started as a representative for a chief, countrywide distributor, Kierulff Electronics currently known as Arrow Electronics. Later on, the company became the representative of another major, nationwide distributor, Hallmark Electronics, at present Avnet Electronics. Megabite has been instrumental in the formation of an Italian electronic distribution company.  Their experience in the electronics arena has aided them greatly in the present capacity as a contractor for the Department of Defense.  They have used their own expertise to help the principals gain support as a source of supply to the DoD, thus aggregating their sales and print position.

Electronic combat. Combat radar : RBE2 radar

Megabite Inc. serves as the authorized distributor for:

  • Oak Grigsby
  • Automatic Connector
  • Databus Products
  • Air Dry Company
  • Electroswitch Corp.
  • Joslyn Sunbank Co.

Besides this, connectors, batteries, couplers, valves, switches, gaskets, EMI shielding, cable assemblies, filters,washers, o-rings, relays, circuit cards, gages,active components along with many other military, industrial, and commercial parts are also sold by the company on a regular basis.

Megabite Inc. has been functioning as an electronics product producer and marketer for security, defense and space related electronics matters and additional components for more than two decades in American market. The company has a huge distribution network with extremely enthusiastic network associates and relish considerable share in governmental procurements. Other than space and defense it also operates in other areas of electronics industry and has been referred to as one of the most important electronics component wholesalers in the industry.

With its product brilliance, up gradation of products and vow the company has been able to get solid customer assurance since establishment. Equipped with highly well-informed electronics specialists, research experts, and consultants as well as the motivated workforce, Megabite Electronics boasts of being one of the main suppliers for inventive electronics matters for professionals related with space activities and military services. The company has also established a compact distribution network for high quality electronics apparatuses.

The employees at Megabite continuously keep themselves updated so that they can offer the clients with the best solution. In future days, the company aims to acquire the global footprint by expanding their distribution channel across the world.

As a reliable electronics product manufacturer and distributor, Megabite Inc. is optimistic to offer back-to-back electronics and cost effective, solutions for the clients.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that Megabite Inc of the New York City is the premier defense equipment supplier in the United States.