5 Tips to Create an Instantly Effective Flyer

If you are investing some of your business’s hard-earned money in some flyers for advertising or information, it makes sense to create flyers that will work hard for your company. An effective flyer will bring you new business and promote the event or products you want to showcase. Here are some hints and tips on designing the best flyers for your business, without breaking the bank.


1. First Select the Visual

You may have tons of ideas on what to say in a flyer but the best place to start is actually with images. In most cases, the image is the first thing you see on a flyer or poster. With leaflet printing, when you get a great image you are well on the way to creating an effective advertisement for your business. Choose an eye-catching visual to stand out in the centre of your design. And make sure that the image is appropriate for your product, and doesn’t detract from the message. Rather, it should add to it. Once you have selected a main image you can work on text and design.

2. Keep the Benefits Big

Your flyer needs to always answer the question for your customers: “what does it do for me?” Think from your customers’ perspective about what your company or offer will do to solve their problems, and keep these benefits in mind – and write them out large – on your flyer.

3. It’s Best to Be Short

Short and sweet is ideal when it comes to flyer design and flyer printing. You don’t have a lot of space, and your readers will not have a lot of time. You should keep your message to the point. Use short sentences, and make wise use of lists or bullet points if needed. Keep in mind that your font size will need to be large enough to be easily read.

4. Chatty and Personal

The tone for a flyer should be friendly, approachable, and conversational. Effective flyer printing helps your business when you are producing a flyer or leaflet that engages your customers and makes them trust and like you. You may not think you can achieve all this on a simple flyer, but get the tone right and you will really see the difference in your results.

5. Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Be clear about what you want your audience to do after they have read your flyer, and make sure you write it clearly and simply on the flyer. For example, you may want them to go to your store for a special sale. Or visit your website for a special offer. Don’t forget to include the contact details and the important details that customers will use to access your offers.

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Image: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net