What to Do After a Burns Injury at Work

Burns injuries in the workplace are unfortunately common. In the workplace there are many hazards, depending on the industry you work in. There are hazards from industrial kitchens, problems with electrical equipment, hazards from hot liquids, and problems that can occur when fires are left unattended. A burn injury can be serious. Depending on the location and the extent of the burn it can result in scarring, infection, nerve damage, disfigurement, and even death.


If a burn accident happens in the workplace, this is what you should do in order to minimise injury and prevent problems occurring in the future.

Action for Minor Burns

In the first instance you need to take the person away from the source of the heat or the chemical or other substance that has caused the burn. If you can, remove clothing that is burned or is hot, but do not remove clothing that is stuck in the burn. Run cool water over the burn and apply a cold compress to the area. It is important not to use ice as this can directly stick to the skin and make the injury worse. And do not put grease or butter on the burn as this can also make the problem worse. As the pain begins to subside, apply a clean dressing and more cool water. Use an antibiotic cream. Record the incident in the workplace accident book.

Serious Burn Procedure

If the burn is moderate or serious, do not attempt to remove any clothing and immediately dial 999 to get medical assistance. If it is safe to do so, remove the heat source. Try to keep the injured person calm, and use cool water on the area if possible.

If there has been a chemical burn or an electrical burn, brush off any dry chemicals that remain on the burnt skin. Rinse the skin clean of the chemical by putting the injured person in the shower, and protect their eyes so as not to spread the chemical. Wash away wet chemicals with water. Minor electrical burns may be treated first with a cool compress and an antibiotic ointment applied.

Action for all Burns

It is important to correctly record details of the burn in the accident book, whether the burn is severe or minor. This is important for the prevention of accidents in the future and if you want to achieve compensation for burns at work. The best thing to do about burn accidents is try to prevent them, with proper health and safety procedures in place. But if it is necessary to do so, make sure that you make a claim with a personal injury solicitor to get the compensation you need for a serious workplace burn injury.

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Image: Image courtesy of akeeris/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net