Add Value To Your Work & Life!

Some people complain about life and say that time is too short. They are unable to find time for themselves and their family. They are stressed and burned -out most of the time. Their work performance also hampers as they hardly are able to rest and often stress gets the better of them causing them to become irritable and moody. There is a host of instances where you find people unable to cope with the pressure of work and life. They become mechanical and work like robots. With the passage of time their zest for life dies out. They gradually lose their feelings and emotions and before they realize it, time flies!


How to work and  live life with zest?

George Bardwil is the owner of Bardwil Industries and a very busy man. His company is one of the oldest textile companies in Southampton Long Island. It was established in 1906 by his grandfather. It receives its raw materials from India and China. The Company today is one of the best wholesalers to the retail market in the USA. It has three offices located in New Jersey, New York and Ohio. He manages the New York headquarters and has about 60 staff looking after textile operations in the above three states. Being the owner of a textile company means, he does not have to race against time. He indeed has a hectic schedule but he also has a little secret on how to be productive and happy personally and professionally.

He says that though being a very busy man, he has listed his priorities clearly. He says that it is important for you to find and maintain a healthy work life balance for existence. You should be able to devote time to your family and loved ones. He has three beautiful children and says that the moment he finishes work, he rushes home to spend quality time with his family. This of course boosts him up. He is able to focus better and work too is done faster. It is not hard for you to take out time for yourself and your family. You must ensure that you divide your time equally between them. Once you are able to do this, you will find a positive difference and zeal returning back to your life.

Make out time for interests and hobbies

George Bardwil says that though work and family are important, it is important for you to make out time for your interests and hobbies. Like for example, he always loves to work out in his spare time and keeps fit with playing golf and tennis. He says that you should also look after and nourish your body well with the right food, sleep and exercise. In this manner, you will get the energy and enthusiasm for an active life.

Last but not the least, it is always satisfying to give back to society- this is what he does when he is not working- he engages himself in community service in the region and gets the contentment that money can never buy!